Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Request for healthy recipes?

Anyone have any tried&true recipes with whole wheat flour and splenda together?
I keep trying some but they aren't worthy of repeats.
Please post them.
Food Adventures: introducing your children to flavors from around the world
...for those of you with children, looked like a neat cookbook.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey Ladies, Just wondering what everyone is cooking for their warm summer evenings. We've done a lot of bbqing of chicken, hamburgers and carne asada. We do veggies on the grill too:sliced zucchini, tomatoe, green onion, bell peppers, white onion, all wrapped in aluminum foil with olive oil and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Tonight we went Thai-thanks to Marisa sending me all those fabulous recipes and season packets. We had stir fry veggies, Jasmine rice, and stir fry chicken with the Holy Basil paste. Wow, it was HOT, but the flavor was incredible! Even my kids tried it and liked it, but it was too spicey for them to eat much. When my aunt and uncle from Thailand were here, she fixed us a couple of Thai meals using the seasoning packets you sent me. So thank you again, Marisa for the fabulous flavor you sent my way!